The Smilodo Mall is revolutionizing the way you shop by bringing the Shopping Mall concept to the Metaverse. Forget about the boring WEB2 online shops, dive into the 3D world powered by the latest WEB3 technologies.

Smilodo Mall is now an integrated part of the AEDDON Metaverse. Check out Aeddon.com

Why a
Metaverse Mall?

Physical, real Shopping Malls struggle more and more with the fact that people tend to go shopping online.

But shopping online today means to lose an important aspect of visiting a physical Shopping Mall:

To be able to go shopping with friends and family, so to socialize while shopping.

We will change this by allowing them to socialize in our Metaverse Mall while having even a better product immersion, and the additional feature to get entertained at the same time.


while Shopping

Get Entertained

while Shopping

Deeper Product Immersion


Smilodo stands for trust, standards, quality and longlivity. 

Here are the advantages of Smilodo over other Metaverse Mall players in the Crypto- and WEB3 Space.

1. Smilodo is an established WEB2 eCommerce SaaS Business

Smilodo has launched its eCommerce SaaS Business back in 2021. 

We have all the eCommerce insights and experience needed to sucessfully launch now the Metaverse Business.

2. We have a fully featured Mall Prototype

Other Mall Projects show you nice pre-rendered pictures and fancy illustrations of what they want to achieve in the future. 

Smilodo has already now a fully working Metaverse Mall, interconnected to its existing SaaS Business.

3. Standing for

Quality with my
name and face

CEO/CTO C.Steiner 

Aeddon Ltd/LLC 


I stand with my face, name and companies for the high quality and standards of this project.

Our Metaverse

There are many Metaverses out there, and more will come... 

But where do we stand from the quality perspective?

Other Metaverses Render Quality

Most of the existing Metaverses have one thing in common: 

poor graphic quality and long loading times. 

But when it comes down to sell products online, quality is of the highest importance!

You want to play
Lego or what?

The next generation Metaverse deserves better!

This is why Smilodo is using server side rendering

Smilodo is using top nudge server side rendering to provide it's users the best experience in graphics and nearly zero loading time. 

If you can watch a video on your device and internet connection, you are good to go!

But just take a look yourself! The below video is not pre-rendered, and shows a real-time capture of our existing Metaverse:

do we stand?

Some features of our existing Metaverse Mall:

88 Mall Spaces ready
to be used

Our fully ready Smilodo Mall consists of 88 Mall Spaces divided on three floors.

In addition to this, there is a huge event space reserved for entertainment.


A Character Customizer allows you to fully customize your Avatar.

This will automatically update your NFT!

Fully connected to our existing eCommerce SaaS

Our Metaverse is already fully connected to our eCommerce SaaS backend.

  • Product Import, Export & Administraion 
  • Order processing 
  • Payment solution

State of the art Video and Audio conferencing

Product View

As close as you can get to the real "touch and feel"!


onboarding early Backers and

We are currently onboarding early institutional Backers, Partners and the first potential Shop owners. 

If you have a running business and want to do your first steps in the Metaverse, just contact us.

Buy or Rent your individual
Smilodo Mall Space

By renting a Mall Space, you profit from the following:

  1. Gain a substancial advantage over your competitors by having a 3D store
  2. Have the possibility to present your products in high quality 3D
  3. Be part of the first Metaverse Shopping Mall community
  4. Reach the next level of communication by directly engaging your customer 
    in your store with direct video and audio calls

By buying a Mall Space, you can profit from all the above mentioned, and in addition:

  1. Participate from the potential long term price increase of the Mall Space prices
  2. Amortization of your investment in 5 years, compared to renting
  3. Sub-rent your space to a third party shop operator and benefit of a monthly revenue

Below you can view and select the available Smilodo Mall Spaces.

Please select below the Smilodo Mall Region you are interested in, and then select your Mall Space.

You will then be able to get a price list for your selection.


Timeline of the
Smilodo Mall



Go live with our conventional eShop SaaS Business with a community size of over 2000 people.

June 2022

June 2022

Finalized Smilodo Mall Metaverse Prototype and successful integration of eShop feature interface.

July 2022

July 2022

Opening pre-sale of Smilodo Community NFT.

August 2022

September 2022

September 2022

Pre-sale and rent reservations for the Smilodo Mall Spaces

Q4 2022

Q3 2023

Q1-Q2 2023

Sale of Smilodo Metaverse Mall Spaces and Go-Live with first Malls

Smilodo Mall
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